The Spinoff Daily: The ‘Sovereign Hīkoi of Truth’ – explained

Wednesday 27 October

The ‘Sovereign Hīkoi of Truth’ – explained

Last night a protest fleet was halted by police at the Mercer checkpoint on the road to Auckland. What is this self-described ‘hīkoi’ all about? For IRL, Dylan Reeve explains.

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Live updates, October 27: ‘Indicative start date’ for primary schools announced; 74 new delta cases

What happens if your boss refuses to get vaccinated?

The no-bullshit guide to NZ’s emissions record as James Shaw heads to Glasgow

The case against Facebook

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The jobs with the highest risk factors for Covid transmission, charted

As Covid embeds itself into our communities, catching the virus at work will become a real possibility for many more of us. But which occupations are by their nature the riskiest? Emma Vitz looks at the data.

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PSA: You need to sort your Christmas presents NOW

Tova O’Brien almost got blown away by a gust of wind during her first live cross

A very dark, very funny supermarket scene that’s probably about Moore Wilson’s

How does a library run out of e-books?

How I Got Here: A free online event for emerging writers

As part of The Next Page, a new mentorship programme for emerging feature writers, we are co-hosting a free online event to hear from some of the editors and journalists you could be working with. They’ll tell you about their career journeys and the challenges they’ve encountered, share their advice for emerging writers, and answer any questions you might have about The Next Page programme. Register here for free for How I Got Here — Edition 2: Thursday, Oct 28, 2021 at 12:00pm.

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